A Blast from the PastA Disturbing CaseA Disturbing Case/Credits
A Man of SubstanceA Sentimental JourneyA Sentimental Journey/Credits
All Work and No PayAll Work and No Pay/CreditsAnnette Andre
Augustas John Sheldon aka 'Marty'Bob MortimerBut What a Sweet Little Room
Charlie HigsonClara FarringhamCould You Recognise the Man Again?
Could You Recognise the Man Again?/CreditsDandy GarrisonDoctor Conrad
Dr. LawyerDrop DeadDrop Dead/Credits
Emil Cavallo-SmithEpisode order - 1969 versionFor the Girl Who Has Everything
Guy PrattHarry FielderInspector Large
Inspector Large (1969)It's Supposed to Be Thicker Than WaterIt's Supposed to Be Thicker Than Water/Credits
Ivor DeanJeannieJeannie Hopkirk
Jeannie Hopkirk (2008)Jeannie HurstJeff Randall
Jeff Randall (1969)Jeff Randall (2000)Jeff Randall (2008)
John OwenJust for the RecordJust for the Record/Credits
Kenneth CopeLaura WatsonMarshall and Snellgrove
Marty HopkirkMarty Hopkirk (1969)Marty Hopkirk (2000)
Marty Hopkirk (2008)Mary MerrallMental Apparition Disorder
Mike PrattMoney to BurnMoney to Burn/Credits
Murder Ain't What It Used to Be!My Late Lamented Friend and PartnerMy Late Lamented Friend and Partner/Credits
NesbitNever Trust a GhostNever Trust a Ghost/Credits
NiarolO Happy IsleO Happy Isle/Credits
Peter GlynnPuppets, Playboys and PrisonersRandall & Hopkirk (Deceased)
Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) 2008Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) 1969Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) ????
Randall and Hopkirk (Revisited)Randall and Hopkirk WikiRay Brooks
Revenge of the Bog PeopleSam SeymourSomebody Just Walked Over My Grave
Somebody Just Walked Over My grave (Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) 1969)Strait IsleStuart Boyle
That's How Murder SnowballsThe Ben Nevis AffairThe Best Years of Your Death
The Ghost TalksThe Ghost Who Saved the Bank at Monte CarloThe Glorious Butranekh
The House on Haunted HillThe Man from NowhereThe Man from Nowhere/Credits
The Smile Behind The Veil (Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) 1969)The Trouble with WomenThe Trouble with Women/Credits
TimelineTom BakerTwo Can Play at That Game
Vendetta for a Dead ManVic ReevesVirginia Carpenter
Whatever Possessed You?When Did You Start to Stop Seeing Things?When the Spirit Moves You
When the Spirit Moves You/CreditsWho Killed Cock Robin?Whoever Heard of a Ghost Dying?
File:261626.jpgFile:41287122 wyvern.jpgFile:63265.jpg
File:Allwork2.jpgFile:Annette Andre.jpgFile:BYOYD Marty and jeff.jpg
File:Charlie Higson.jpgFile:Cockrobin3.jpgFile:Disturbing2.jpg
File:Disturbing3.jpgFile:Drop Dead Screenshot.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Fallguy2.jpgFile:Favicon.icoFile:Forum new.gif
File:Glynn.jpgFile:Harry Wallis.jpgFile:HilaryTindall4.jpg
File:Househaunted3.jpgFile:ISTBTTW.jpgFile:Inspector Large.jpg
File:Ivor Dean.jpgFile:Jeannie 2008.jpgFile:Jeannie Hopkirk.jpg
File:Jeannie and Jeff.jpgFile:Jeannietitle.jpgFile:Jeff3.jpg
File:Jeff Randall.jpgFile:Jeff Randall 2008 version.jpgFile:Jeff at Ben Nevis.jpg
File:Mannowhere2.jpgFile:Marty2.jpgFile:Marty Hopkirk.jpg
File:Marty and Jeff disagree.jpgFile:Marty and Nesbit.jpgFile:Mike Pratt.gif
File:Money to Burn.jpgFile:Moneytoburn2.jpgFile:Montecarlo1.jpg
File:Nevertrust2.jpgFile:No Image Found.jpgFile:O Happy Isle.jpg
File:RAH69 VFADM.jpgFile:Randall & Hopkirk.jpgFile:Randall & Hopkirk Deceased 2008 Teaser
File:Randall & Hopkirk Deceased Theme ( in full )File:Randall and Hopkirk DeceasedFile:Randall and Hopkirk The Ben Nevis Affair
File:Randh4.jpgFile:Recognise2.jpgFile:Recognise2 (1).jpg
File:Sam Seymour.jpgFile:Scan0021.jpgFile:Seeingthings2.jpg
File:Sentimental3.jpgFile:Smileveil1.jpgFile:Sneak Preview Randall & Hopkirk Deceased 2008
File:Sweetroom3.jpgFile:TWO CAN PL;A.jpgFile:The Trouble with women.jpg
File:Tve22497-19871010-1037.jpgFile:Vendetta3.jpgFile:Vic Reeves.jpg

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