Marty is taught the tricks of the after-life, such as how to levitate objects, by an elderly ghost called Wyvern. He also returns to Earth to save the life of Felia Siderova, his former secretary, and her newborn baby, whom she decides to name Marty.

Jeannie, meanwhile, who has taken an active role in the agency, is concerned for Jeff when he is overheard talking to Marty. She has him seek psychiatric aid from Dr. Lawyer, but he is a crook who hypnotises his clients into committing crimes for him. The Doctor is in considerable debt to a casino owner known as The Mouth, and he is attempting to pay off his debts by having the clients steal (and often kill) rich individuals.

Jeannie is able to keep an eye on Jeff after she is hired by Three Piece, the head of Security, to keep an eye on Karen, an employee who he believes is skimming off the top, but whom he is afraid to confront due to an awkward crush he has on her. Jeannie ultimately defuses the situation by discovering Karen reciprocates the crush, and the matter is resolved.

When Dr. Lawyer realizes that Jeff is both a private detective and is highly resistant to breaking contact with Marty he erases Marty from Jeff's memory, suspecting Jeff may have been sent to investigate him. After Dr. Lawyer sends his patients to kill Jeff and Jeannie, Marty impersonates the doctor's voice and advises Jeff on how to thwart the next crime.[2]


The subplot about Jeff being hypnotised directly mimics the events of the 1969 series episode A Disturbing Case.


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