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In 1969 ITC produced a new drama series starring Mike Pratt and Kenneth Cope as a pair of private detectives with a difference - one of them was a ghost! Marty Hopkirk (Cope) was killed during a case, coming back as a ghost that - most of the time - could only be seen and heard by his business partner Jeff Randall (Pratt). This version was briefly transmitted in America - with a new title sequence - as 'My Partner the Ghost'.[1]

In 2000 a new version produced by Charlie Higson was released, starring Vic Reeves as Marty and Bob Mortimer as Jeff.[2]

In 2008 British Film maker Peter Glynn produced a homage which uses the theme music and title style of the 1969 version. This version is available on YouTube, and can be found by clicking the link under References[3]

There is currently believed to be a new version being produced by ITV America. [4]


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